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Log safe is a leading HRMS Software Service in Bangalore. We have offered interactive HR consulting services for businesses over the years. Our dedicated team of experts will help you customize the right solution to meet your needs and requirements.

We are providing a wide range of HRMS and Enterprise Applications to our clients. We are dedicated towards innovation and providing the best product with quality services to our clients.

We provide software development services in Bangalore. We provide solutions to solve these problems through our advanced technology, and tailor-made solutions.

Log safe is a business software that helps in streamlining your work processes and improving the performance of your organization. The software allows you to track all the activities in one place, from employee onboarding to daily HR updates.

HRMS Software Services in Bangalore. Log safe is a cloud-based cloud-based HRMS software that allows companies to better manage and control their workforces. The Log safe platform enables organisations to access multiple information sources, using collaboration tools such as Khan Academy, Slack/Weibo and Workday. This helps them make informed decisions on employee performance.

Log safe is an award-winning HRMS software service provider in Bangalore. We provide the most advanced, user-friendly and maintainable HRMS software to our clients with a team of dedicated professionals.

Log safe provides a cloud-based secure HRMS solution that enables organizations to seamlessly operate, manage and control their HR system from anywhere. Log safe is an HRMS software tool kit that includes the complete suite of human resource management processes including employee management & recruitment process management, employee handbook creation, employment records management, payroll integration with multiple providers, health & safety documentation generation, payroll timekeeping and E-Signature generation.

Log Safe, a Microsoft Certified Software Development Partner is a company that provides software development services in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SQL Server.


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