Decorative Bedroom and Wooden Doors Manufacturer in Bangalore

Maxon Doors is a leading Decorative Bedroom and Wooden Doors manufacturer in Bangalore, Karnataka. With a focus on high-quality products and services, Maxon Doors was established as a family-owned business which has evolved into a successful organization since 2007. We offer a wide range of doors for various applications such as bedroom, teak and wooden doors etc.
Maxon is the largest Decorative Bedroom and Wooden Doors manufacture in Bangalore, India. We manufacture all types of doors, including single doors, double doors, pivot swing doors, sliding doors, French portals and sliding windows. Our selection includes a large variety of door styles to suit any home d├ęcor.
We are a traditional wooden door manufacturer from India. We manufacture and supply doors, windows and frames for residential as well as commercial purposes. For Maxon Doors, door design is more than just aesthetics and decoration. We believe that the most beautiful doors can be designed for your home. Our doors are versatile and can be used in multiple areas of your home, from bathrooms to bedrooms, offices, balconies and even patios.
Our company is one of the largest companies in India to manufacture and export quality doors and windows. We deal with a large array of Bedroom and Wooden doors, Hinges, Bolts, Locks and Frames products.
Maxon Doors is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, custom and affordable wooden doors. We can manufacture any door style of your choice and design, for residential and commercial properties. Our products are manufactured with the finest quality wood material and finished with state-of-the-art coatings, ensuring that our doors last a lifetime.
Offering a wide range of doors for you to choose from, Maxon doors are the perfect addition to your home. For more details about decorative bedroom and wooden doors in Bangalore, hesitate to call us by clicking the above link.

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