Top 5 Best Football Shoes Under Rs 1000 in India

Hey Guys, looking for best football shoes under rs 1000 in India? There are lot’s of varieties on the market so it’s hard to tell which is great shoes for your playing style. But after a couple of research on football and shoes, there are some good shoes available for special football players.

Quick Tips And Review for Best Football Shoes:

  • Comfortable with your playing style.
  • The look is always mattered for confidence, Go with the Great heritage look.
  • Check Quality materials and waterproofing.
  • Check Heel Hight.

Best Football Shoes Under Rs 1000

1. Nivia Dominator Football Stud

Nivia Football Shoes

Nivia is the best brand for sports equipment manufacturer in India. Lightweight provides comfort and excellence together become the performance. Nivia dominator football stud provides superior grip and underfoot grip while you are watching for while striking the ball. It is best shoes among unskilled players in India. Which is more adjustable for proper balance and stability. This is first shoes in thi list of best football shoes under 1000 rs. in india.


  • This is manufactured by special technique and which provide excellent grip and underfoot grip while you are performing.
  • Which is more comfortable from Toe area for better kick and hard from heel area for proper balance and stability.
  • It comes in dark blue colour with round tip shape.
  • Give a better quality at low price.
  • This is ideal for men.

2. Nivia Dominator Football Shoes

NIVIA Football shoes new edition under rs 1000

Nivia dominator football shoes is an again best shoe under price in 1000. The Nivia shoes designed is the interaction of comfort, excellence together and improve the performance. Made of good quality of inner material and more flexible for better kick, perfect balance and stability. This is manufactured by the special technique.


  • It comes in excellent grip and beautiful blue-green colour.
  • It is a full TPU shoe and resistant to water.
  • This is very stylish and comfortable shoes.
  • More flexible while you are performing.

3. Nivia Raptor-I Football Shoes

NIVIA shoes under rs 1000 in india

Nivia brand is a very popular brand in sport’s shoes in India. This Nivia raptor shoe comes in every size with an engaging design. While you are wearing you looking seemly. This shoes made from PU material so you do not need to polish or shiner. The shoes are very comfortable and give a great feel.


  • It used rubber sole material and outer mater material is PU.
  • Rotate your pair of shoes once every other day, allowing them to de-odorize and retain their shapes.
  • This is really comfortable and long lasting.
  • Looking very good in black orange colour.

4. Nivia Premier Carbonite Range Football Studs

Nivia Premier Carbonite Synthetic Football Studs

Nivia Premier Carbonite Range Football Studs is a very popular shoe under 1000 in India. This is suitable for all game. Outer layer used in PVC synthetic leather material with graphic print. You get a great quality at a very low price rate.


  • It impressive design made for practice level with a cool texture.
  • This is very comfortable while playing heard ground.
  • It delivers better durability with high grip and comfort.
  • The firm grip is also very comfortable.
  • This is a lightweight.

5. Vector X Armour Football Shoes

Vector X Armour Football Shoes

Vector is a famous brand in the sports industry for sports shoes. This is the best football shoes under 1000 rs in India. This is most comfortable for the playing game. It provides stylish and innovative shoe. Vector shoe improve your striking ability and achieve contact on the ball. This type of shoe fit all foot shapes without any problem.


  • It comes with 14 plastic studs for ample grip while you score your goal.
  • It is used by infinite renowned sports personalities.
  • This is stylish and innovative sports gear shoe.

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