Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

I’m glad you asked this question. I am playing everyday guitar and it’s awesome to worth spending time with the guitar. It is really really heart touching experience.

The guitar is one of the most interesting and full of the fun instrument so before you buy choose any guitar must check our guitar buying guide.

just any random guitar from the shop? Guitar playing could turn into a nightmare real fast!!

So your very first guitar should be selected judiciously. We listed here best cheap beginners/intermediate acoustic guitars.

It is highly recommended by the experts in the field to start out with the acoustic guitar.

Small Guitar Buying Guide :

Choosing Body Style: Body style is aiming for comfort. there are three types of styles available as defined below.

  • SMALL: Smaller body styles have less bass and more focused tones.
  • MEDIUM: Medium body style guitar features more bass and louder tones.
  • LARGE: Larger guitars produce huge bass and reproduce low frequencies with ease.

Choosing Body Wood: The main component that makes the wood ideal for guitars is its strength. there are three types of wood available in guitar.

  • MAPLE: have good tonal quality and sustain.
  • BASSWOOD: is soft and produces balanced sound and great mid-range.
  • ALDER: is lightweight and produces warm sound with a lot of highs.

Here We list down some Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners which is very good for the newbies.

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners in India

1. Kadence KAD-SH-100 Cedar Acoustic Guitar

Here is Kadence’s brand guitar which is best for beginners players. Because its features are ideal which heaving a 21 Frets, 6 stainless steel string and use solid wood and many added.

It is designed made for the right-handed people and mostly suitable for all player playing style.

This is a 45-inch acoustic guitar with mahogany neck and fretboard. Just 14 mm thickness for best grip.


  • Sound quality is high.
  • It has a mahogany body.
  • 6 string acoustic guitar.
  • Number of Frets: 21.
  • It used cedar body material.

2. Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Spruce Acoustic Guitar

F series Yamaha guitar is popular among UK’s best-selling acoustic guitar.  

If you’re serious about range, don’t worry it is a mid-range to afford all. This guitar has comes for the beginner without any cutaways and quality.

The body and neck both are furnished with sturdy material for longevity.

More you go lower place position in the tones of the acoustic guitar, is producing clear and pronounced tones.


  • Exceptional performance.
  • Hand-finished construction.
  • Slightly shorter scale length.
  • Bigenior reliable instrument.
  • Thickness is 10 mm.
  • Meranti back works material.
  • Stainless steel strings.

3. Kadence KAD-FNTR-BLK-SC Spruce Acoustic Guitar

If you are searching for mid-range Kadence brand guitar this is best for you. These acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars are formulated with excellent sound quality, design and longevity.

The right-handed 39-inch body ideal for beginners as well as professionals both. This one comes in only Rs. 4,699.

Additionally, its pickup is the more smooth and comfortable that rests your hand. Also, comes with cover beg to protect dirt on a guitar.


  • Soft grip handle and smooth tone.
  • Spruce and rosewood material used.
  • Doesn’t have pickup present.
  • It has adjustable in truss rods.
  • The weight approx. 2.5 kg.
  •  6 strings acoustic guitar.

4. Juarez JRZ23UK/NA 23″ Soprano Aquila Strings Guitar

This Juarez 23 Inch instrument which is easy to learn with encouraging you. 

In the box includes Aquila strings, Hawaiian guitar, rosewood fingerboard, with cover bag and picks. Its Nylon strings made in Italy that produce absolutely clear sound.

Matte finish guitar looks gorgeous in natural brown colour.

If you are looking for the perfect instrument at the lowest price to give better opportunity.


  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • Ideal for beginners or Basic players.
  • Sapele body and Okoume neck.
  • High-quality ABS nut and saddle.
  • Carved sound hole.
  • Deliver smooth and accurate sound.

5. Intern INT-38C 3 picks Acoustic Guitar

Best suited for those people who are looking for a great look, design and low budget first guitar. It produces with good sound quality.

It modern design suit for a new generation. The bridge is of plastic, it is not durable material but best for learn player.

Furthermore, Looks attractive in glossy finish black body.

It is a 38-inch long guitar with 18 frets and has furnished in full wood construction Linden wood fingerboard.


  • Best seller product.
  • Good for learner or gift for kids.
  • Full wood construction.
  • Maple wood fretboard.
  • Stylized looks and the glorious black colour.
  • Bridge material used to plastic.
  • Light in weight and easy to operate.
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