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“Top 5 Best Headphones under 10000 in India”

Top 5 Best Headphones under 10000 in India

There are lots of headphones available in Indian market. here are some best headphones under 10000 in India which make your choice better.

Top 5 Best Headphones under 10000 in India

1. Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT Bluetooth Headphones is very popular headphone under 10000 in India. It has a good for intuitive ear-cup mounted controls for changing tracks and for making calls via the integrated microphone. Built-in plastic and metal material, these foldable and portable headphones are easy to carry with anywhere.

These headphones transfer powerful sound and provide the most comfortable fit at the same time. Enjoy up to 25 hours battery life and is supplied with connecting cable for battery-free listening.

This headphone is a fabulous product at the price range and the lightweight headband HD 4.40-BT is extremely comfortable.


  • Model Name: HD 4.40BT
  • Width x Height x Depth: 10 cm x 26 cm x 18 cm, Weight: 481 gm
  • Sensitivity: 113 dB/mW
  • Frequency: 18 Hz to 20000 Hz
  • Battery Life: 25 Hours
  • Cord Length: 3 m
  • Colour: Black
  • Headphone Type: Over the Ear
  • Features: Light Weight Desing, Ear coupling closed and Circum-aural.
  • Price: ₹ 10,000/-

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2.  Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils. This is a really good brand in the headphone. It provides exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep and accurate bass response.

Looks beautiful with circumaural design shapes around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments. It offers superb bass experience. You are enjoying your favourite music with this headphone when you’re wearing it.

This headphone is easy to manage with connect almost all kinds of devices including laptops, desktops, Smartphone, MP3 players and many more.


  • Model Name: ATH-M50x
  • Width x Height x Depth: 25.4 cm x 10.4 cm x 29 cm, Weight: 953 gm
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Frequency: 15 Hz to 28000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 38 ohm
  • Cord Length: 3 m
  • Colour: Black
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5
  • Features: Exceptional Clarity Throughout an Extended Frequency Range, Deep Accurate Bass Response, Sound Isolation.
  • Price: ₹ 9,290/-

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3. Sennheiser HD 598 SE

Sennheiser HD 598 SE
Sennheiser HD 598 SE is a third best headphones under 10000 in our list. With this headphone, you can enjoy the comfort of listening to music without wires. This is suitable for all types of device. Included padded leatherette headband and luxurious velour covered ear pads perfect for long listening sessions.

In this headphone two cable options 3 meters and 1.2 meters included along with 3.5millimetrer adapter plug. It compatible with virtually every audio device including phones, tablets, computers and stereo components.

 It offers superb bass experience. You are enjoying your favourite music with this headphone when you’re wearing it.


  • Model Name: Hd 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones
  • Width x Height x Depth: 20.6 cm x 23.9 m x 10.4 cm, Weight: 268 gm
  • Frequency: 12 Hz to 38500 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
  • Connector Size: 3.5 mm
  • colour: Black
  • Features: Lightweight, Over the Head, Compatible With Mobile, Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth Support.
  • Price: ₹ 8,999/-

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4. Beats EP On-Ear Headphones

Beats EP On-Ear Headphones
Beats EP On-Ear Headphones is an another best headphones under 10000 are giving in your range. It is combining well the features like Extra Bass, Durable, lightweight design reinforced with stainless steel.  The ear pads are quite sufficient and ergonomic.

This headphone adjustable vertical sliders for a personalized fit and take calls and control your music with remote talk cable. Beats EP is an ideal for any music lover seeking a dynamic listening experience.


  • Model Name: ML992ZM/A
  • Width x Height x Depth: 20.6 cm x 23.9 m x 10.4 cm, Weight: 268 gm
  • Headphone Type: Over the Ear
  • Inline Remote: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • colour: Black
  • Features: Ultra Lightweight, Inline Call and Music Controls, Inline Volume Control, Noise Isolation.
  • Price: ₹ 5,999/-

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5. LG Tone Active+ HBS-A100

LG Tone Active+ HBS-A100

Is the last but not the list, LG Tone Active+ HBS-A100 has a connect your device from up to 33 feet away auto pairs with your device after initial setup. It provides advanced quad-layer of speaker technology. In this headphone installed 2 external stereo speakers so the user can listen to music and talk on the phone through these speakers even without wearing earbuds.

This waterproof headphone protects the product from excess sweat or moisture. Give a guaranteeing it to be safely used with confidence. This headphone can easily stand for 15 hours battery life for non-stop music on the go.


  • Model Name: Tone Active+
  • Width x Height x Depth: 14.7 cm x 1.7 cm x 14.4 cm, Weight: 59 gm
  • Battery Life: 15 hr
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Grey Black
  • Features: Water & Sweat Resistant, External Stereo Speaker, Retractable Earbuds, Fitness Monitoring.
  • Price: ₹ 8,999/-

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